Our Framework

Awareness, acknowledgment, and action: the three things required to achieve lasting change. These are the founding principles of our signature framework, which fuses mindfulness with neuroscience to create powerful shifts at the individual and collective levels.

Three Steps to Lasting Change.

Extensive research, training, and personal experience have taught us that if you want to drive meaningful change, you can’t have one without the others. That’s why this framework is the foundation of every program we facilitate, from 1-on-1 coaching to group training and workshops. It’s what sets us apart—and why our methods are successful when so many others fail to deliver.

1. Acknowledgment
What Needs to Change?

The crucial first step is to acknowledge that something needs to change. This is where we become conscious of the old patterns, habits, or behaviors that no longer serve us. This is true both individually and collectively—until you have a deep understanding of what’s no longer working and why, it’s impossible to know how to change it. First, we’ll peel back layers and bring clarity to your current state. We’ll examine what’s happening now and where you’d like to be, then set tangible goals and build action plans to set you on a new trajectory.

2. Awareness
How And When Is This Showing Up?

Now it’s time to bring awareness to the precise moment in which an action or behavior occurs. It’s about seeing and intercepting things as they come up. This is the real-time application where you experience the habits and behaviors you’ve become conscious of as they occur. Our coaching and training programs help you bridge the gap between acknowledgment and awareness so you can understand growth opportunities both conceptually and in practice. The idea is to begin recognizing old habits or patterns as they’re happening or just before they happen— this empowers you to make different decisions, which is the third step in our process.

3. Action
What Different Decisions Can Be Made?

Once you’ve developed awareness and acknowledged real-time opportunities for change, you can begin taking decisive action. The third and final step of our signature method—action—is the catalyst you need. We’ll guide you through a series of in-the-moment decisions you can make each day to support your individual or organizational goals, empowering you to form constructive new habits.

The key is to take small, achievable action steps that build upon one another—this is the only way to make sustainable change. Our longer-term programs provide built-in accountability and support from your coach to help you continually implement the tools and knowledge you’ve developed. Workshops, seminars, and other programs will leave you with tangible next steps to develop accountability and support networks of your own.

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