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Empowering Solutions For Organizations

Take a people-centric approach to help your business thrive from the inside out. Our coaching solutions, workshops, and speaking engagements introduce and reinforce essential principles of the professional’s path to self-awareness, laying the foundation for happier, more engaged, and higher-performing teams.


Solutions For Organizations

According to Gallup, employee engagement hovers at a mere 22% worldwide. What does this mean? Disengaged employees perform poorly, have negative impacts on team morale, and will ultimately walk away. Our mission here at Humessence is to double down on employee engagement by getting to the heart of the matter: mindful leadership and effective communication. When team members feel seen, heard, valued, and respected, they’ll want to do their best work.

We help organizations get clear on their mission, rally their workers around it, and develop team dynamics that are sustainable, productive, and highly engaged. Because happy, inspired people are the key to organizational success—and when your people thrive, your business thrives.

Organizational Coaching Solutions

Our mission is to bring the human essence back into the workplace, and that starts at the individual level. Our organizational coaching solutions include Mindful Leadership Coaching to develop more effective leaders and managers, Team Coaching Solutions to build better teams that do better work, Individual Performance Coaching to motivate and inspire your workforce, and customized programs designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.

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HUM-B-LE Leadership Development Program

Our custom approach is tailored to meet the needs and priorities of each team and organization—full immersion with a trusted partner. Take advantage of our HUMan-Based-LEadership development program and watch your organization thrive. 

Team Development Solutions

Humessence offers interactive workshops to help raise the bar for your organization, individually and collectively. Our professional development workshops can be hosted onsite or online for ease and convenience. Topics include: digesting and delivering feedback, moving from burnout to balance, navigating and elevating team dynamics, developing empathic impactful leaders, and more. Each workshop is tailored to your unique business goals and organizational needs. Team members will walk away with valuable new skills and action plans to implement them.

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