The Foundation of Authentic Connection

“If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.” – Daniel Goleman


Sharing in the experience of another

The act of taking on another perspective where one experiences the state of another as their own both cognitively and emotionally.

It requires listening with the whole being. This only occurs when we have successfully shed all preconceived ideas and judgments about the other person. Being in tune with the emotional states and needs of others is essential for effective and healthy cooperation. Researcher, Thomas Wright, found that psychological well-being accounts for 10-25% of an employee’s job performance and was predictive of positive performance evaluations up to five years in the future.

The challenge of our time is maintaining crucial connections during globalization by a tribal species.  We rely more on what we feel than what we think when making decisions and behaving moment to moment.

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Whole-being listening.

A level of listening rare in today’s fast-paced production driven culture. Learn strategies to take in what you see and how you feel.

Take on perspectives.

What it takes to experience someone’s emotional state as if it were your own, while at enough distance to drive compassionate action.

Fortify relationships.

How to celebrate well, communicate feelings, needs, and requests, and make observations while keeping judgments and criticusm at bay.

Options to meet your organization's needs

Every session and program begins with helping clients or participants be where they are. Beyond awareness, there’s knowledge and the will to apply knowledge. Empathy is at the heart of understanding ourselves and others. Compassion puts that knowledge into action, and that’s where you move the needle in your teams and organization.

The bottom line: There is a science, art, and practical application for creating and sustaining meaningful connections. Understanding and communicating human feelings and needs deepen trust in relationships inside and outside the workplace. Psychological safety and compassion create an environment for well-being, loyalty, and collaboration—the qualities of successful organizations in the modern world.

Half-Day Workshop

Team or organization group workshop to deliver the essential training content, engaging application experience, and take-home reflection and integration exercises.
$ 4,200
  • Reflection & Integration Playbook
  • 4hrs + 1hr Lunch & Learn
  • Engaging Applicable Exercises
  • Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid Delivery

6-Week Training

Deliver six hours of Essential Empathy Training curriculum over six weeks, train accountability partners, and create connection through engaging application experience.
$ 7,500
  • Reflection & Integration Playbook
  • 1hr Leadership Coaching Session
  • Train and Assign Accountability Partners
  • 1hr/Week of Training for Six Weeks
  • Engaging Applicable Exercises
  • Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid Delivery

Culture Development

The comprehensive program incorporating all of the curriculum with leadership vison and strategy integration, and professional 1-on-1 coaching for all participants.
$ 15,700
  • Reflection & Integration Playbook
  • 1.5hr Leadership Vision Alignment Strategy Session
  • Two 45min Coaching Sessions Per Employee
  • 1.5hr Sustainability & Debrief Session
  • Train and Assign Accountability Partners
  • 1hr/Week of Training for Six Weeks
  • Engaging Applicable Exercises
  • Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid Delivery


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