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Leadership Development Training With A Human Touch

Empowering current and future leaders with the awareness and skills to create engaging, psychologically safe environments where employees can thrive. Our HUMan-Based-LEadership (HUM-B-LE) Development Program is a one-of-a-kind approach to creating the culture you’re thrilled to be a part of. 

The HUM-B-LE background

HUMan Based LEadership Development

Growing HUM-B-LE Leaders to create greatness by transforming companies and cultures into vibrant, engaging, high-performing organizations.

At Humessence, we challenge the norm for growing leaders. According to a 2021 CEO survey, growing leaders for the future is a top priority. Yet, these same CEOs have little confidence in their Leadership Development (LD) Programs. We recognize traditional LD approaches fall short of elevating leaders’ performance. Therefore, we created a novel and effective program that creates more engaged teams and psychologically safe cultures. Our program develops better leaders and produces high-performing teams.

So what seems to be the gap, and why is Humessence different?

According to Travis Bradberry’s research in his book Emotional Intelligence 2.0, emotional intelligence (E.I.) accounts for 58% of performance in all types of jobs. This makes it the most positively correlated attribute with career performance and the most vital driver of leadership and personal development.

At Humessence, becoming a game-changing leader starts with a strong basis in E.I.. This is why team and individual E.I. training is core to our 7-step HUMan-Based LEadership Development Program.

However, we go further than that.

We understand leaders are very busy people, and to make a lasting impact, we meet them where they are. We work out their specific gaps and partner in support of their and their team’s unique development needs.

The Bottom Line:

The HUM-B-LE approach has proven effective in multiple instances generating a 4.5% to 8.3% improvement in average survey scores and at least a 30% reduction in “negative” responses (somewhat disagree or disagree). This approach works in improving leadership’s positive effect on organizational culture.

the HUM-B-LE methodology

The Leadership Development Process Framework

Our custom approach is tailored to meet the needs and priorities of each team and organization—full immersion with a trusted partner.

We start with understanding and assessing the leader, their team’s perceived opportunities, and the culture of their team. We accomplish this through individual interviews and surveys to measure the engagement and psychological safety within their culture. This becomes the baseline to measure growth and development in the final step, enabling shared accountability between the LD professional and the leadership team.

The middle five steps involve partnering with leaders to establish learning objectives, teaching individual and team emotional intelligence, delivering additional LD content specific to the team’s needs, implementing succession planning processes, and planning for sustainability. We remove unnecessary generic LD content to focus on meeting specific, targeted needs.

the HUM-B-LE deliverables

What you get

Take advantage of our HUMan-Based-LEadership development program and watch your organization thrive. 

Improved Leader Emotional Intelligence

Improved Team Emotional Intelligence

career conscious business man and woman on whiteboard

Proficiency in Giving And Receiving Feedback Effectively

Increased Team Engagement

A Robust Environment of Psychological Safety 

Succession Planning That Builds A Strong Leadership Bench For The Future

Development Planning That Intentionally Grows Inclusion And Diversity

A Sustainment Plan That Locks in Your Gains

the HUM-B-LE content

HUM-B-LE Program Content Overview

Educating leaders on the power of our thoughts and self-knowledge. Knowing ourselves helps us empathize with others, and becoming more present to what triggers bring us out of our leadership presence helps us make key decisions from a balanced state with the company and our relationships in mind.

There are specific attributes of a psychologically safe environment and skills that leaders need to create and sustain them. Learn communication strategies that put empathy in action and embody the example of courage you want your team to embody.

Leaders will discover their own strengths and learn how to leverage them to develop their employees from a strengths-based approach increasing employee empowerment and learn to collaboratively compensate for blind spots through an integrated team.

Principles to live by that embody your leadership values, purpose, and integrity. Leaders create a personal vision for their leadership that translates to the vision for their teams and aligns with organization priorities.

There’s an art and science to receiving feedback well. We start here along with the self-to-other approach taken with Emotional Intelligence. When we’re able to experientially grasp the things that take us out of listening when receiving feedback, we’re able to utilize the framework for delivering with empathy.

Enabling leaders to utilize the Self Determination Theory in action. Experiential education for fostering your employees skill level and knowledge base, sense of belonging, and empowered with autonomy to operate in a psychologically safe environment.

A science-based approach to the ancient art of creating distance between a stimulus and response. The greater the space, the more time we have to utilize the executive functions of our brains and proactively lead from a balanced foundation over reacting from past conditioning.

A co-created sustainment plan to integrate HUM-B-LE training and principles, and a thorough review of your organization’s assessment and promotion process. Develop diverse leaders internally, aligned with your values, and embodying the HUM-B-LE principles.

PLUS additional training content specific to team needs

program bundles

Choose Your HUMan Based LEadership experience

Differentiate your leadership development approach and create an environment to acquire and retain the best from the talent pool.

The HUM-B-LE Experience
The principles of HUMan Based LEadership development delivered in an engaging half-day workshop. Your organization's leadership upgrade begins here, with engaging tools they'll utilize in and outside of the office.
$ 7,000
  • Pre-Session HUM-B-LE Survey
  • Emotional Intelligence Essentials
  • Creating Engagement & Psychological Safety Training
  • Optional Follow-up Coaching Package*
  • 4-5 Hour Workshop
  • Rush Scheduling Available

*Leadership Coaching packages available for an additional fee.

HUM-B-LE Leadership Development Program

HUMan Based LEadership to create systemic change, position your organization to retain talent, fill a pipeline of potential leaders, and upgrade your team dynamics to compete and prosper in our collaborate-or-fail future.
  • Comprehensive Toolkit Materials
  • Current-State HUM-B-LE Survey Administration Strategy and Review
  • Review Development Planning Process and Leadership Competencies
  • Core Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Additional Training Modules Customized to Organizational Needs
  • Co-Create Sustainment Plan & Initiate Group Coaching*
  • Future-State HUM-B-LE Survey Results Leadership Team Review After 3-Months of Sustainment
  • Minimum 20 Hours of Consulting and Organizational Interviews
  • Minimum 12 Hours (Two Half-Days + Online) of Training & Development Experiences
  • 3-Month Training + 3-Month Sustainment Coaching and Future State Review

*Individual Leadership Coaching packages available for an additional fee.


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