iEQ9 Professional Enneagram Assessment and Debrief Coaching

More than simply a personality assessment—a holistic model for development.

Self-Awareness to Personal Effectiveness

The Enneagram is a powerful, scientifically validated framework for self-discovery and understanding others with ancient roots.

Despite its long history,

psychologists and organization development researchers have adopted and refined it over the years to the applicable, modern framework we know today.

It reveals the core beliefs and motivations

shaping our attention and choices,

inviting us to a new world of possibilities.

It provides an individualized path to heightened self-awareness and emotional intelligence, improving overall happiness, job performance, and relationship satisfaction while lowering anxiety, stress, and depression.

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About The Assessment

  • Supports anyone who wants to grow self-awareness and reach their potential
  • Proven to add significant value in coaching, team building, and conflict resolution
  • Takes a holistic, integrated view of clients, engaging with the whole person
  • The most scientifically accurate and technically robust personality typing tool on the market
  • A comprehensive analysis of personality and ingrained behaviors

What You Get

  • Extensive 42-page Professional Report covering 17 unique areas of self-discovery
  • Two debrief coaching sessions with Conscious Leadership & Executive Coach John Marshall, our Founder, and iEQ9 Accredited Practitioner.

The Enneagram connects who we are and why we do what we do—creating a clear, tangible link between growing self-awareness and increasing our ability to achieve our goals.

Your iEQ9 Accredited Practitioner

John Marshall

Conscious Leadership & Executive Coach

ICF - Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)

Coach John has been a certified teacher of the Enneagram since 2022 and a student for many more. He attributes a lot of his personal growth and self-awareness to this work, a lifelong path to integrating all parts of ourselves.

Take A Profound Step In Your Self-Discovery Journey

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