Brett Larson​

Leadership Development Program Facilitator and Leadership Coach

"I am passionate about creating great company cultures through the development of "Level 5 Leaders." Creating a rewarding, engaging and high-performing environment is my passion."

Brett is a Leadership Development Professional. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Colorado University. Brett has been a Leader at varying levels for 30 years and has spent much of that time developing Leaders, Leadership teams, and high-performing manufacturing operations. In 2018 Brett received his certification as a Professional Coach, and today he helps Leaders create a climate of psychological safety that enables peak performance. His approach includes developing individual and team emotional intelligence toward creating a high-performing teams based on trust, transparency, vulnerability, and authenticity. These attributes not only grow bottom line profitability, they create an environment of mutual respect and accountability that maximizes job satisfaction and business results.

Education & Credentials:

Approaches & Expertise: Implementing systems and delivering classes that grow humble, empowering, Servant Leaders through emotional intelligence and a balance of strength development and skill gap closure.

My Ideal Clients: Men and women “Level 5 Leaders” who want great company cultures.

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