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The Subtle Power of Simplification

In today’s rapidly changing and complex business environment, the ability of leaders to simplify work is a cornerstone to execution. Leaders can catalyze clarity of understanding, foster alignment, facilitate decision-making, and drive effective execution. Addressing all needs is not progress: Every organization has more areas to improve than they have resources to support all the needs. Decisions must be made to pare down priorities to a manageable amount. This takes discipline and an understanding that when you bite off too much, everything gets harder: Indecision or taking on too much dooms an organization to mediocrity. Well-meaning leaders who cannot make tough decisions on what not to do produce futility. The Power of Clarity At its core, simplification is about clarity. By down-selecting numerous priorities and

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People First: How New Leaders Can Cultivate A High-Performing Team

People are promoted into their first leadership role due to their competence as individual contributors. Often, they enter these roles driven to demonstrate their personal capabilities. Their focus is on performance, not on people.  Yet, leaders lead people. This role, therefore, requires a different mindset and a new set of priorities. To develop a fully engaged, high-performing team, the leader must focus on developing relationships. Often, new leaders skip this piece and push forward, giving direction instead of learning about their team. This was my experience as a new leader. In 1991, I was promoted from my engineering role to lead a manufacturing team. I was young, confident, and prepared to do what was needed

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