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Do you want to be recognized for your ambition?
Are you feeling ready for your next opportunity?
Are you willing to put in the work to set yourself apart?
Do you want to elevate your influence?
Do you want to be a more impactful communicator?
Do you want a seat at the table?
If you answered YES to any of these questions
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If you want to position yourself for the next level, there are three important development areas to focus on.
Executive Presence
Under Julie's mentorship, I was able to spread my wings as a leader and re-establish my self-confidence.  She taught me that there is more to being a leader than speaking up or setting the tone.  She taught me that leaders are always being mindful of my teammates wants and needs, while staying true to my own values and beliefs -- that you don't have to be the loudest one in the room to be heard. Thanks in large part to Julie's coaching, I received a promotion at the end of our mentorship to Senior Account Manager at RedPeg Marketing -- a testament to the profound impact Julie had on my personal and professional growth.
Tim Yorro
Senior Account Manager, RedPeg Marketing
Strengthen your communication & executive presence.
Level up your confidence and self-awareness.
Gain the perspective you need to make an impact.

What does A Coaching journey look like?

Some examples of successful coaching outcomes:
Before we got started, I was lost when it came to identifying my main skills. My experience felt like a puzzle with missing pieces, making me hesitate to confidently present myself. I knew my skills were there, but figuring out how to identify and communicate them was the challenge. Now, thanks to Casie, I have a crystal-clear vision of my strengths and aspirations. Casie gave me thought exercises and actions to take between sessions that helped set and focus on a clear goal with confidence. It opened my eyes to the possibility of my dream job and that I have what it takes to reach it, along with a clear roadmap.
Edali Gutierrez
Project Coordinator LATAM, STEM


Yes, no matter where you work or what you do the fundamentals of great leadership remain consistent.  Discovering communication styles and the impact they have is one of the most universal tools for leadership.  Within the first 2 sessions you and your coach will identify the areas of growth that you want to focus on, and your sessions will revolve around growing in those areas.

Typically you will see the effect of your coaching sessions and learnings within 4-5 sessions. Everyone is different and responds differently to coaching, but if you are eager and willing to fully embrace the experience and invest the required time and energy, we guarantee you will have positive results.

  • 1:1 meetings with your coach. 
  • Assessments and reflective conversations.
  • Experiments and “homework” to try out your skills and learn more from your experiences.
  • Open and honest conversations to help you gain self-awareness and perspective.
  • Strategic goal and objective setting.
  • The opportunity to focus on the areas and topics that are most important to you.

All the Humessence coaches offer different styles and expertise. The first thing to do is look at the coach profiles HERE and schedule a free consultation with the coach you feel most aligned with. Discuss your goals and areas of focus with them. You can meet as many of us as you like. Once you both feel that it will be a good fit, you can set up your Performance to Promotion coaching engagement.

When you are ready to move forward, set up consultations with the Humessence coaches you’d like to meet. Once you find a coach you like, you will receive a proposal and coaching agreement. You will approve that agreement, pay your fees, and then set up your sessions with your coach. Simple as that.

Coaching engagements last anywhere from 3 months to a year.   We recommend that you do no less than 12 sessions (3 months) to get the most out of your coaching experience. Depending on what your goals and budget are, you and your coach and work out a schedule that best fits your needs.

The price of coaching depends on the duration of your engagement and the frequency of your sessions. We will work together to try and meet your budget, and you can expect a four-figure total investment with payment plans available.

John has an incredible ability to balance kind encouragement with tough questioning. Coming out of these conversations, I was more effective in creating stakeholder by-in and delivering solutions. There are lessons I learned during these conversations that I’m confident I will utilize throughout my career. He wasn’t afraid to start from scratch and learn about who I was at my core. In this, I appreciated John’s determination and patience; I never felt like he was rushing me through the process. After my time with John, I feel much more confident in my current work and the career path I’ve been able to set myself on. Better yet, I feel more in touch with myself than ever before! I highly recommend John for anyone at any stage of a career.
Brian Stiles
Business Development Manager, GRUNDFOS

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain

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Your company may be willing to pay for your coaching through a Learning and Development stipend. If you don't know if your company offers one, just ask. You can use this form to make a request for your coaching.

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