Transformational Coaching for Organization Leaders

Conscious leaders understand themselves, curating their inner environment to foster a culture that achieves results through meaningful human experience. They lead their families, teams, and organizations by example. Let’s set a new standard together.

Leaders face inevitable challenges...

and behind every challenge lies opportunity.

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Managing Inward

Vision, Values, and Integrity

When the organization shifts drastically, and you’re balancing expectations with limited resources, what do you lean on? Are you honoring commitments to yourself, your family, and your team?

Conscious leaders curate their inner environment to reflect the outer one they’re creating. They’re self-aware, humble, and firm.

Managing Complexity

Change, Culture, and Tough Decisions

How are you adapting to the unexpected and bringing others along with you in our constantly evolving world? Are you aware of emerging trends and their impact on your business?

Conscious leaders are decisive in navigating ambiguity. They’re agile, resilient, and embrace the unknown collaboratively.

Inspiring Motivation

Engagement, Optimism, and Production

How are you fostering the diverse motivations of the unique individuals making up your team? Are you balancing production with team well-being and creating a positive environment?

Conscious leaders prioritize team psychological safety, inspiring innovation and engagement around a compelling vision.

so, despite millions at stake
and mounting responsibilities...

The average
leader spends

30 mins

per day on their
personal development.

How are you going to invest this precious time?

Leaders who invested their time in executive coaching experienced a...

Improvement in
overall job satisfaction.

Improvement in relationships with their direct reports.

"(Coach John) ... Overall, I cannot thank you enough for your transformative impact on my career journey. Your mindful approach, deep expertise, and genuine support have allowed me to thrive and move closer to my goals. I feel more confident, purpose-driven, and well-equipped to navigate any challenges that lie ahead. I wholeheartedly recommend you as an executive coach to anyone seeking meaningful guidance, personal growth, and career fulfillment. Your ability to cultivate mindfulness, foster clarity, and help individuals understand their purpose is remarkable. Thank you again for being such an exceptional coach. Your unwavering support and steadfast belief in my potential have made all the difference."
Carmisha Webb
Global Transportation Sr. Manager

So, how do we achieve these results?

We transform challenges to opportunities

The A5 Leadership Behavior Integration Process applies to each engagement, session, and challenge our clients face. It's simple, memorable, and effective.

Create personalized development plans with your coach

Every executive coaching engagement starts with a personalized plan following the debrief of the initial assessment(s).

The best motivation comes from within, so our plans marry the coachee’s core values and organizational competencies for a successful development plan on their terms aligned with organizational goals.

Start to embody the actions of Conscious Leadership

Servant leaders are empathetic strategists. Their actions are thoughtful, and they’re profoundly self and other-aware. Their view expands to see the impacts of their decisions across markets and within their teams. Their executive presence is unwavering, firmly connected to their values with integrity.

"Don’s coaching approach quickly changed my mindset. I found it to be personable and sincere, while also deeply rooted in the prior experiences of his impressive executive career. Having such a knowledgeable coach who was able to provide impartial and objective guidance to my professional situations was exactly what I needed. At times it was a simple reminder of something I may not have thought about….while other times it was a very different perspective of something that I had not even thought about. I’m truly grateful for this experience."
Terry Loda, CPP
Director of Payroll Services, Extensis HR

Let’s find out where you stand. Take our Conscious Leadership Assessment

Suspend any judgments about the action verbs on the chart and tune into the energy of each triad. While conscious leaders can move along the continuum at will, the majority of their energy is in connection, contribution, and creation. The actions of delivering results through a human experience.

 Additional Assessments: Leader E.I., Hu360 Assessment, VIA, iEQ9 Pro

Meet our coaches, and schedule a free intro call

Certified coaches and experts with diverse experiences are eager to connect with you. The coaching relationship is foundational to your success, so schedule a conversation with anyone from our team today.

Make a proactive investment in your mental health

Therapy has a profound place in healing past traumas that works beautifully side by side with a coaching engagement, and new research finds the impact of coaching to be on par with therapy: Learn More

“58 percent of patients with depression symptoms experienced clinical recovery after at least one session with a certified coach and saw a 76 percent increase in their well-being overall”

Hear from our coaches about the benefits of coaching

Still have questions? Check out the FAQs

Coaching is a transformative and sacred partnership between a trained coach and a client or group ready for coaching and who feels connected with the coach. Coaching can help people in all areas, from personal development to career advancement. Establishing a solid foundation of trust and rapport is the coach’s first priority. The coach-client relationship is the main source of vision, perspective, and motivation gained from session to session. The coach will leverage these and their background in the latest research-backed coaching psychology experience to help you get out of your own way, reach your goals, and find unique answers to your most important life questions. They’ll also partner with clients in designing their lives and environments to support achieving and sustaining positive change.  

  1. Unlike therapists and psychologists, coaches do not enter the realm of directly healing past traumas with clients that might affect their functioning in day-to-day life. Coaches may work with the past as it relates to the client’s present and future, yet the vast majority of session time is spent helping clients discover their own pathways to realizing their full personal and professional potential. Most coaching clients are healthy, successful people who might be experiencing a plateau or making significant changes in their lives. With the client’s commitment to the process and a co-creative client/coach relationship, clients can realize perspectives and the potential they never knew were possible.
  2. Unlike consultants, coaches do not provide advice outside their designated field(s) of expertise and only provide it with the client’s permission. Consulting is typically information-based. For example, you might hire a consultant to answer specific questions for your business process. Coaching psychology provides a different approach to cultivating the client’s ability to find answers to their own questions as they move forward.

We currently accept clients across the USA and want to expand globally. While the company is based in Houston, TX, all coaching sessions are typically hosted virtually, and our workshops and training can be hosted virtually and in person, depending on travel arrangements (if necessary).

Our coaching services are designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve their goals. We work with you to develop a custom coaching plan that fits your needs. We can help you with goal setting, time management, stress management, and more.

Our coaches are accredited by nationally recognized organizations like the International Coaching Federation, the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching, and other organizations of an equivalent nature. Coaches need a minimum of 60 hours of accredited coach training, 100 documented client hours, and pass a proctored knowledge assessment to be considered. Our coaches average 120+ training hours and over 500 client hours.

Humessence coaches are chosen first on their ability and genuine interest in creating an authentic connection. In practice, they’re experienced with the latest research-backed positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and mindset training methodology. They’re also certified by some of the most elite coaching organizations in the world. 

Coaching and therapy can be very effective simultaneously, especially when the client grants permission for the coach and counselor to work together collaboratively. We have clients today that are doing both and experiencing success. The coach’s focus is on your present and future environments. While we work with the past as it relates to the present and future conditions, your counselor is the licensed expert in helping you work through past traumas that could impede your coaching journey. Your coach will help you determine if you’re ready for a coaching engagement.

The organizations we work with are fully aligned with investing in structured programs that increase employee engagement and psychological safety. At the individual level, we focus our training, education, and coaching programs on empowering employees with the tools to create balance in their lives, communicate their needs, and increase their energy levels through internal motivators. Our Human Based (HUM-B-LE) Leadership Development Program helps leadership teams create an environment that fully supports and rewards behaviors that promote engagement and psychological safety. The approach to our coaching and training programs is backed by our proprietary human development and change frameworks.

Our coaching programs are value-based. We guarantee the value of our clients’ experience will outweigh the costs. One-on-one coaching packages range from about $400 – $1,400 per month depending on the coach’s experience, frequency and duration of sessions, and the area of service. Some corporate and executive coaching programs can run from $1,000 – $10,000 per month, depending on the level of on-site engagement and programs for their teams and organizations. You can browse our top-ranked bios and talk to someone today to find out what package is good for you.

The best time to hire a coach is when things are going well! As humans, we’ll wait until things fall apart to look for answers. While no time is a bad time to start looking at your self-awareness, self-knowledge, and personal growth, when you enter the work from a balanced state, there’s potential to create something beautiful. We recommend being proactive about your well-being and growth to meet life’s inevitable challenges with a momentum that keeps you moving toward the life you want.

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