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A memorable, connection-promoting learning experience for your leaders and employees at the intersection of personal and professional development.

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Each experience has flexible delivery options to make an impact aligned with your needs. Submit an inquiry or set up a consultation, and we’ll meet you where you are today.

Everyone takes in information differently. That’s why each of the workshop experiences provides opportunities for introspection, reflection, group work, sharing, experiential modeling, and more.

Cultivating the human essence of your business requires developing personal skills for your professional world. We intend for people to leave with skills for the meeting and dinner tables, increasing overall life satisfaction.

Our content brings some of the latest and most applicable insights from positive psychology and adult development to real-world application. We distill the nuances of research for practices and strategies that make a difference in real life.

Each of our program facilitators is a certified coach or expert in their field with relevant industry experience that helps them relate to the real challenges participants face. Continuing education and growth is our team’s core value, regularly evolving our programs’ success.

We always meet with organization stakeholders to understand the motivations and desired outcomes behind investing in their people. We believe engaged leadership supports the development of conscious cultures. So, aligning on session outcomes is important to us.

Last but certainly not least, promoting connection and maintaining engagement requires not taking ourselves so seriously and having fun. It’s a ground rule for participation.

Core Development Workshops

Our flagship experiences to develop the human elements driving business performance and well-being.

Burnout to Balance

(Resilience & Proactive Mental Health)

Burnout often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. This workshop focuses on identifying and addressing burnout before it takes hold and developing the ability to prevent it in the future. Participants will define what balance means to them and provide actionable steps to create sustainable well-being in their personal and professional lives. Upgrade the resilience of your teams and organizational culture today. 

Participants will walk away with the ability to:

  • Manage and prioritize time and energy effectively
  • Define and redefine a balanced life on their terms
  • Reconnect to their life roles, commitments, and values
  • Recognize and respond to signs and stages of burnout
  • Utilize essential micro-and-macro-mindfulness tools

Discord to Dialogue

(Feedback, Conflict, and Empathy Essentials)

Empathy and effective communication are the cornerstones of successful teams. This workshop combines the best of both worlds to create a transformative experience for your organization. It empowers participants to develop essential emotional intelligence skills and master the art of navigating difficult conversations. This fosters a culture of trust, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Participants will walk away with the ability to:

  • Develop other-awareness and relationship management skills.
  • Put empathy into action with effective communication tools.
  • Understand and address feelings and underlying needs.
  • Give and receive clear, impactful feedback.
  • Navigate difficult conversations with grace and curiosity.
  • Manage communication effectively in all directions within the organization.

Coaching Fundamentals for Leaders

(The Psychology of Motivation)

Give your leaders the gift of learning the fundamentals of coaching psychology to create an environment where teams motivate themselves! The most powerful motivation comes from within, and great leaders have the ability to help their employees find it within themselves. Professional coaching skills help leaders powerfully influence their people’s development. It’s time to level up your 1-on-1s.

Participants will walk away with the ability to:

  • Listen mindfully to understand the picture in full
  • Ask provocative questions that evoke employee awareness
  • Manage internal judgment and the need to fix people
  • Understand where ability meets the challenge to create flow
  • Reframe employee limiting beliefs and promote growth

Storytelling to Engage, Move, & Inspire

(The Formula for Impactful Presentations)

Did you know that information is 20X times more likely to be remembered as part of a story? Harvard Business has reported the power of storytelling in the workplace, but you probably already knew it: stories stick. Storytelling is an incredibly powerful yet underutilized tool for sharing and delivering information that moves, engages, and inspires your team to action. 

Participants will walk away with the ability to:

  • Turn complex information into an engaging, easy-to-follow presentation
  • Create presentations from scratch that inspire, excite & persuade
  • Practical storytelling skills & techniques that can be translated across audiences & mediums
  • Deliver engaging presentations that meet your audience where they are
  • Present in front of an audience with confidence

Team Building

Experiences that bring your team out of their shell and into cohesion.

Dynamic Team Building

(Personality Types Assessment & Debrief)

Understanding the strategies your colleagues use to navigate their lives provides a new depth of social awareness. The Enneagram personality types are derived from ancient wisdom with a modern psychological framework to understand your colleagues’ core needs and strengths.

Participants will walk away with the ability to:

  • Understand core motivations, fears, needs, and virtues within themselves and their colleagues
  • Develop mindful communication strategies
  • Manage conflict based on the needs of each party
  • Set up their environment to support their needs

Cultivating Mindfulness

(Yoga, Meditation, & More)

Developing self-awareness is at the core of everything we do. No learning or professional development is worth a thing if you’re unable to make new choices in the moment. Cultivating mindfulness helps create the space between stimulus and response needed for true behavior change.

Participants will walk away with the ability to:

  • Understand the science & psychology of mindfulness
  • Increase the space between stimulus and response
  • Develop a mindfulness practice that works for them
  • Relieve stress by stilling the mind and being present
  • Cultivate a compassionate relationship with themselves


(Elevate Communication & Connection)

Quick thinking and keeping calm under pressure support all business scenarios. When you get to practice and embody it with your team, it accelerates bonding in a way that’s full of lightness and laughter. This interactive workshop is fun and easy for beginners and creates the team dynamic we all want.

Participants will walk away with the ability to:

  • Change their relationship with the fear of speaking up
  • Be their authentic selves within the team environment
  • Think on their feet and keep calm under pressure
  • Make light of stressful situations and move forward
  • Connect with their teammates on a deeper level

Logistics, Resources, and Pricing

Applauding the best seminar lecturer.
  • Each workshop is flexibly designed to deliver up to a half-day (2-4 hours) of engaging content.
    • Fully customizable with alignment on deliverables, multiple topics, multi-day, breakout sessions, keynotes, adjusted timelines, in-person, virtual, hybrid… we will work with you.
  • Each experience comes with a professionally designed workbook for retention and reflection.
  • Complimentary planning and engagement meetings with stakeholders prior to the session.
  • Streamlined participant experience surveys for high-impact data and minimal intrusion.
  • Request a proposal or schedule a free consultation for pricing options.
    • Varies by length, delivery method, number of participants,  and more depending on needs.

Custom Program Design

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Speaking Engagements

Sometimes, one voice can change the dynamic of a room. Our coaches and training and development facilitators can engage a crowd, relate to the audience, and deliver a message that continues to resonate after the experience. Please submit a proposal, and we will get back to you within 48 hours or set up a free 20-minute consultation.


Custom Workshops

We understand that businesses are as diverse as those working for them. We’ll work together with your leadership team to provide highly personalized workshops, seminars, or group training solutions that address the specific needs of your company or community. Please submit a proposal, and we will get back to you within 48 hours or set up a free 20-minute consultation.

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