Our Mission and Development Framework

The Human Essence is a combination of three qualities: Connection, Contribution, and Creation. At Humessence, our mission is to amplify these qualities in every individual and organizational culture we serve by developing the intra and interpersonal skills and awareness to fully express them.

Our Mission and Vision...

is to create a business environment of human-centered organizations that value the holistic life experience of their people. Conscious workplaces where a nice-to-have way of operating becomes an integral part of the culture.

This is how organizations will attract and retain top talent, allow the fulfillment of employee potential, and differentiate themselves in a marketplace being transformed by automation. Now more than ever, it’s essential to invest in the human elements behind business metrics.

Humble leadership upholding a clear vision, and values that support it, will create the psychologically safe, engaging environments employees need to thrive both in and outside of work.

With our help and your commitment, we can build it together.

How we produce results

Leadership development and team building solutions rooted in coaching psychology. Humessence programs lie at the intersection of personal and professional development. Because when we develop the whole human, life improves both in and outside the workplace. As world-renowned leadership expert John Maxwell said, “Your capacity to grow as a leader determines your capacity to lead.” We help today’s professionals become whole and lead themselves and others by example.

Our coaches and facilitators partner with leaders and their teams to address the challenges that resonate with the group rather than delivering packaged content. You invest in a bespoke experience that addresses your specific needs rather than a standard curriculum because every organization is as unique as the individuals forming it.

Leadership Development

From Sr. Leaders and Execs to Emerging High-Potential Leaders

Team Building & Training

Engaging Development Experiences to Grow and Connect Across All Levels

Executive Coaching

1:1 Holistic Executive, Career Transitions, and Communication Coaching

Our unique development framework and Coaching approach

We believe in a digestible yet comprehensive way for our clients to know where they stand and recognize how far they’ve come. After dozens of iterations and testing through two years of client engagements, we discovered a universally applicable framework for human development. Continue to learn more about our Consciousness Development Continuum, our coaching approach, and how they come together in Producing Present Professionals®.

Conscious Development Continuum

Bringing the human essence to modern business means bringing our best qualities to the forefront. Leaders and teams thrive as they allow their original essence to surface. Consciousness development is a roadmap to engaging with your life and work from a new and higher perspective. Take the courageous first step toward upgrading the behaviors driving your current state.

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A5 Coaching Approach diagram
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The Coaching Process

We’re committed to having a process that leaders and their organizations can easily comprehend and creates results. The A5 approach applies to all practical business and complex interpersonal challenges we face. Develop awareness of the behaviors or beliefs behind the challenge, acknowledge you’re part of the problem, and take action to restore integrity.

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