Leadership Development for Conscious Organizations

Leadership development programs designed to immerse your people in mindset-shifting environments and dialogues that develop humble, effective leaders.

Leadership Development Programs

Senior Leaders and Executives

HUM-B-LE Development Program

(HUMan-Based-LEadership Development)

Where leaders of leaders begin to embody the behaviors and qualities that create psychologically safe and engaging environments in work and life. Creating a thriving culture starts with what’s embodied and valued at the top. 
  • Proven 7-step process with three core phases
    • Measurement, know where you stand and how far you’ve come with data
    • Training & Development, immersive experiences with a core emotional intelligence (E.I.) focus
    • Sustainment, coaching, and succession planning to integrate learnings within the leader & culture
  • Minumum 30% increase in observed team morale1
  • Up to 8% increase in observed team engagement2
  • Only 1% (6min/day) of leader’s time over 6 months3
  • Ex. Topics: E.I., Creating Psychological Safety, Building Followership, Increasing Engagement & Motivation, Mindfulness Tools & Practice, Feedback & Difficult Conversations, Fostering Employee Potential

Game Changers Program

(Develop and Retain Your Future)

A  leadership development program to grow and retain your emerging leaders.​ Empower your young leaders to envision their future at your organization and develop the skills and perspective to become effective communicators, motivators, mentors, and, ultimately, Game-Changers.

  • 12-week 1-on-1 coaching program for rising leaders.
  • A 3-phase journey for your best and brightest
    • Initial Discovery, establish relationship, and align program goals with personal & company visions
    • Exploration, discover their impact area of focus for the program, Game Changer Impact Project
    • Implementation & Discussion, weekly challenges to experiment with and integrate learnings with assisted by professional coaching for the journey
  • Help your emerging leaders become effective motivators, communicators, and mentors, who desire to have a leadership role at your company.

High-Potential Emerging Leaders

Meet Our Program Facilitators & Coaches

Certified leadership coaches and training and development professionals ready to provide a custom client-centric experience. At Humessence®, we know that one size fits one, so every one-on-one coaching engagement and group experience is co-created with our clients because no one knows your life, business, or vision as you do. 

Ongoing Leadership & Executive Coaching

When leaders double down on their leadership effectiveness and overall fulfillment in life, they’re able to create psychologically safe and engaging environments.

93% of companies report significantly less turnover when they offer coaching to employees

Online client portal, multiple assessment options available, learning & development resource library


After at least one session with a certified coach, a new study saw a 76% increase in coachee well-being

3-month, 6-month, and up to 1-year coaching engagements with variable session length and frequency to the extent it does not compromise the leader’s development

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