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Leadership assessment

Leadership EI test

If you are interested in being a better leader, there is nothing more important than growing your Emotional Intelligence (E.I.). According to the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Bradberry and Greaves, 90% of high performers also have high E.I. This suggests that it’s challenging to be a high performer without high E.I. Moreover, E.I. accounts for 58% of your performance, the most vital driver of leadership excellence.  

Additionally, in a study by N. Kohli and P. Tripathi called “Emotional intelligence as a predictor of employees general health,” they found a “significant positive impact of emotional intelligence on general health… and it will positively impact the (employee) success of their work as well as non-work life.” This finding includes improvement in the health of both the leader and their team.

In this Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment, you are evaluated on how well you practice all five attributes of E.I. After you complete it, you will get an overall summary of your results and some recommendations for growth moving forward.  

The five pillars of developing and sustaining E.I.



the ability to understand what emotions you’re experiencing when you’re feeling them.



responding thoughtfully instead of just reacting to your emotions.

Relationship Management

Relationship Management:

leveraging your self and other awareness to create healthy relationships.



the ability to understand what emotions you’re experiencing when you’re feeling them.

Other awareness

Other awareness:

the ability to recognize the emotions that other people are experiencing.

We hope you enjoy this exercise, and congratulations on taking the first step in becoming a HUM-B-LE Leader. It takes humility to acknowledge your current state and take action to become more aware of the behaviors creating it. Developing your emotional intelligence as a leader is essential to leading high-performing teams and enjoying the process.