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Coaching, training, and education at the intersection of personal and professional development. We support purpose-driven individuals and organizations who want to become more self-aware and improve performance and well-being.

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About​ Us

Humessence provides personal and professional development coaching, training, and education for individuals and organizations ready to up-level their awareness and interpersonal skills. We help leaders, professionals, and their teams assess where they stand utilizing our research-based, human-centric approach. Starting with the individual, we define values and purpose, then define where you’re out of integrity. Together, we consciously navigate challenges in the way of your inner peace and outer success.

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Mission & Vision

In a time when many of us are questioning priorities and seeking deeper meaning, Humessence is here to provide people-centric solutions to help individuals and organizations thrive in our increasingly connected world. Our mission is to bring the human essence back into daily life and the modern workplace, so we can all be our best selves and do our best work.

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Coaching and Development Framework

Derived from ancient wisdom and modern research, our framework is rooted in a signature process of evolving human consciousness. By starting with our core being skills (clarity of values, purpose, and integrity) and becoming more mindful and other aware, we start to recognize our level of consciousness by how we’re showing up in the world (actions or doing skills). Upgrading our perspective is the key to creating sustainable change in life and work. Learn more about our methodology and how it works.

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Our certified professional coaches and program facilitators are ready to help you and your teams get unstuck and move toward your personal and professional goals with confidence and without compromising your values. Get a clear vision, create a strategy, take action, and revise through the journey. Book a free consultation with one of us today!

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