A Leadership Team Development Program For Conscious Organizations

HUMan Based LEadership (HUM-B-LE) development goes beyond traditional skills to develop leaders who create a culture that leverages the collective genius of your team.

Leading Humans is Challenging

Your culture needs HUMan-Based LEadership when…

Dissatisfaction is Being Whispered Among Peers

Gossip is running rampant. Your people jump to conclusions before understanding others. Your people aren’t speaking up, and leaders aren’t granted the opportunity to address issues. They fester.

Employees are Feeling Disempowered & Disengaged

The decision-making hierarchy is stifling speed. Innovation suffers, as employees do not feel safe sharing their ideas. There is a lack of trust in team member capability, and initiative is scarce.

Leaders are Burning Out and Being Stretched Thin

Teams lack self-sufficiency and lean on leaders excessively. “Bosses” expect leaders to have all the answers, causing leaders to micro-manage. Resources are dwindling while responsibilities increase.

If traditional leadership development training has not been moving the needle...

...our proven HUM-B-LE process will

Leadership's positive effect on culture generated an average 30% increase in engaged employees across multiple cases.

HUM-B-LE Development Program Process

The process starts with a baseline assessment of the team’s culture and identifies potential opportunities to improve the employee experience. Using this assessment and employee interviews, we paint a comprehensive picture.

We review the results of the previous step and identify 1-3 key training objectives unique to your leadership team. Improvement targets are defined and aligned by the client and the Humessence team.

Growing Emotional Intelligence (EI) in leaders is the foundation of the HUM-B-LE process. EI is the attribute that correlates most strongly with leadership success, and it can be both learned and lost. The leadership team receives 8-12 hours of training, which grows both individual and team EI.

We identify and execute a plan to address the goals outlined in step 2. This may include additional training, creating processes, or utilizing tools that achieve stated objectives. This step is customized for the specific needs of your leadership team.

This is an optional step if the client has a gap in their approach to succession planning. Here, we implement a consistent and effective system that engages existing leaders in developing future leaders. It minimizes disruptions caused by leadership changes.

Here, we integrate and sustain the gains of HUM-B-LE training. We provide individual and team monthly coaching and facilitate a discussion where the client team identifies practices, processes, or tools that they can implement to lock in improvements.

In this final step, we ensure the initial goals have been met. The survey from step 1 is repeated, and the client and Humessence teams review the results. This step occurs 4-6 months after Sustainment is initiated. Based on the results, the contract is either concluded or additional actions are defined to address any gaps.

Your Program Director

Brett Larson

Brett has been an organizational leader for over 30 years and has taught leadership development for the last five years. Being humbled by leadership experiences himself was the best thing for his growth. It jumpstarted the research behind his book, Discovering Leaders Within, and his work with Humessence facilitating HUM-B-LE.

Coach Brett Larson's professional headshot

HUM-b-lE Benefits

The advantages of HUMan-Based-LEadership.

Improved Leader Emotional Intelligence

Improved Team Emotional Intelligence

career conscious business man and woman on whiteboard

Proficiency in Giving And Receiving Feedback Effectively

Increased Team Engagement

A Robust Environment of Psychological Safety 

Succession Planning That Builds A Strong Leadership Bench For The Future

Development Planning That Intentionally Grows Inclusion And Diversity

A Sustainment Plan That Locks in Your Gains

HUM-B-LE Content Overview

Educating leaders on the power of our thoughts and self-knowledge. Knowing ourselves helps us empathize with others, and becoming more aware of the triggers that bring us out of leadership presence helps us make key decisions from a balanced state.

There are specific attributes of a psychologically safe environment and skills that leaders need to create and sustain them. Learn communication strategies that put empathy in action and embody them to set the example for your team.

Leaders will discover their strengths and learn how to leverage them to develop their employees from a strengths-based approach. Increase employee empowerment and learn to collaboratively compensate for blind spots through an integrated team.

Principles that make up your leadership values, purpose, and integrity. Leaders create a personal vision for their career that translates to the vision for their teams and aligns with organization priorities.

There’s an art and science to receiving feedback well. We start here along with the self-to-other approach taken with Emotional Intelligence. When we’re able to grasp what stops us from listening when receiving feedback, we’re able empathize when delivering it.

Enabling leaders to utilize Self Determination Theory in action. Experiential education for fostering your employees skill level, knowledge base, sense of belonging, and empowerment with the autonomy to operate in a psychologically safe environment.

A science-based approach to the ancient art of creating distance between stimulus and response. The greater the space, the more time we have to utilize the executive functions of our brains and proactively lead from a balanced foundation over reacting from past conditioning.

A co-created sustainment plan to integrate HUM-B-LE training and principles, and a thorough review of your organization’s assessment and promotion process. Develop diverse leaders internally, aligned with your values, and embodying the HUM-B-LE principles.

PLUS additional training content specific to team needs

Choose The Experience that meets your Organization's needs

Differentiate your leadership development approach and create an environment to acquire and retain the best.

The HUM-B-LE Team Development Workshop Experience
The principles of HUMan Based LEadership development delivered in an engaging half-day workshop. Your organization's leadership upgrade begins here, with engaging tools they'll utilize in and outside of the office.
Inquire for Pricing
  • Pre-Session HUM-B-LE Survey
  • Emotional Intelligence Essentials
  • Creating Engagement & Psychological Safety Training
  • Optional Follow-up Coaching Package*
  • 3-4 Hour Workshop
  • Rush Scheduling Available

*Leadership Coaching packages available for an additional fee.

HUM-B-LE Leadership Development Program

HUMan Based LEadership to create systemic change, position your organization to retain talent, fill a pipeline of potential leaders, and upgrade your team dynamics to compete and prosper in our collaborate-or-fail future.
Inquire for Pricing
  • Comprehensive Toolkit Materials
  • Current-State HUM-B-LE Survey Administration Strategy and Review
  • Review Development Planning Process and Leadership Competencies
  • Core Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Additional Training Modules Customized to Organizational Needs
  • Co-Create Sustainment Plan & Initiate Group Coaching*
  • Future-State HUM-B-LE Survey Results Leadership Team Review After 3-Months of Sustainment
  • Minimum 20 Hours of Consulting and Organizational Interviews
  • Minimum 12 Hours (Two Half-Days + Online) of Training & Development Experiences
  • 3-Month Training + 3-Month Sustainment Coaching and Future State Review

*Individual Leadership Coaching packages available for an additional fee.

Are you ready to upgrade Your Leadership?

Choose the right package for your organization or request a proposal for a custom program, and make a sustainable investment in your people.

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