John contemplating work-life

A Work-Life Story

Welcome to a new standard of personal and workplace well-being. We can thrive in and outside the workplace by looking at the whole human and designing our environment to work with us.

Seven years ago, I thought I had done everything’ right’—everything I ‘should’ do.

I had made it. A full scholarship to a great school, a high-paying job at ExxonMobil, upward career potential, and more. But, at the same time, something was missing. I was living the ‘grind’. Late nights, proving my worth and commitment, posturing, doing right things with right effort at right times for right people. It was an art, navigating corporate America. Powering through stress and imbalance to finally and triumphantly enter the weekend—to escape, numb, and compartmentalize work and life.

Then repeat.

I thought this couldn’t be it. There’s got to be fulfillment, something outside myself, a calling. Finding purpose, building connections, fostering creativity, coaching growth, and staying true to core values are vital at work

I never lost my childhood curiosity and love for learning. Fast forward to Houston in 2016, I broadened my community beyond my out-of-state circle. Through community outreach and volunteering, I ended up on the board of a local start-up nonprofit organization. I found excitement and purpose in being of service to others and my community.

Life continued…

A friend dragged me to my first yoga class in January 2017. I was certified and teaching it at ExxonMobil in January 2018. When I feel something is right to pursue, I’m in, and I mean, all in.

Life experience, nonprofit work, and hundreds of hours of training and teaching yoga and meditation enabled me to make a unique impact on my students. They nominated me to speak at our company’s TED-style event, EM Talks. The heartfelt notes and communications from dozens of coworkers I had never met, vulnerably expressing how that 15-minute talk impacted their lives, solidified this venture.

That experience left me no choice other than to bring this work I never knew I needed to so many other professionals in a similar place that I was and more.

I finally knew what was missing that whole time—the human experience.

The support to learn more about myself. The confidence and vulnerability to show up authentically as I am. The guidance to discover things for myself and trust in my own decisions. I worked so much more, yet my life had never been more balanced. My development as a leader, yoga and coach training, and days’ worth of inquiry and reflection contributed to success in my career and fulfillment in my life, yet they were compartmentalized. That was still an issue.

Humessence has integrated all facets of me, and we strive to do the same with every professional or group of professionals we work with. I continue to do the work consistently and receive doses of my Humessence medicine. Regular practice is essential to remain balanced while building the life and career you want and creating the environments that support them. This is what we do—help professionals humbled by the grind for success find a purpose-driven path to leadership, connection, and real wealth.

“We’re bringing the human essence back to modern business.”

Please look around our website and schedule a consultation to get involved. If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll never be ready! So start making a difference in your life and the lives of your people today.

Namaste, my friends.