chart to balance life roles and commitments

How To Balance Your Energy, Commitments, And Life

Like a character’s life bar in a video game, the amount of energy you have each day is a limited and precious resource. Hence, an entire economy has evolved to leverage your energy, time, and attention. Now you have a choice, let life dictate where you utilize them, or consciously use them to honor your commitments and feed your soul. If you choose the latter, continue.

My Energetic Turning Point

In 2016, my days and weeks were blurring together. All my energy was focused on a few things, performing to my personal and company-driven standards, numbing, and having fun when I could. I still remember all the excuses I had to put off doing things that were truly important to me. At the same time, I can’t blame myself for being human. It’s in our nature to pursue the path of least resistance.

Fully burned out, I realized I was living for the weekend and enduring weeks, longing for the next. There was a higher purpose yearning to be explored.

Through Committed Curiosity

What’s the difference between pleasure and true happiness? The feeling when you’re fully connected to your true self: helping others, finishing personal projects without deadlines, and pursuing your top priorities. That’s what I was missing, and I found the solution. The roles and commitments I choose and how I fulfill them are directly connected to my life’s purpose. I feel whole and complete when I genuinely live up to my ideal contribution in all areas of my life.

Through six months of self-inquiry, I created a weekly accountability system to track my commitments. It’s a simple tool that lists my roles and commitments and assigns them a rating (1-5). That way, I can see if how I’m spending my time aligns with these priorities and not fall behind at all! It also helps with discovering things I’m using energy on that are no longer serving my path. I also redefine what a five looks like for each area as my life changes and add and remove roles as they come in and fall off.

A New World

I noticed my awareness building as different opportunities came my way. As in meditation, we bring the attention back when the mind wanders. The same was occurring throughout my day, refocusing on my priorities.

Ask yourself, “am I living up to the commitments I’ve made in my life right now?”. Be honest with yourself without judgment. Now, take action.

I prefer having a visual representation like this chart to see the areas requiring a bit more attention, and it’s not the tool that’s important—it’s about keeping your key roles and commitments conscious throughout the busyness of life in whatever way works for YOU. A simple chart or any other means. You’ll notice a difference if you make an effort to tune in regularly. Consistency is far more important than intensity or duration.

Are You Committed?

To be the best person you can be, work on devoting your resources to those closest to your heart and the causes and activities that excite you. Being clear on your values and commitments will build your motivation to do the hard things when they are the right things. Align your choices and actions with who you want to be and how you want to show up. Balance isn’t an achieved state, it’s a constant dance around an equilibrium. We get to control the general direction, then enjoy or fight with the journey. What do you choose?