Strategies to mentally prepare for and masterfully navigate challenging conversations

A recent Gallup survey found that only 26% of employees strongly agree that the feedback they receive helps them do better work. What would your people say? This experience introduces the knowledge and tools to enable a continuous learning and development cycle within your organization that is sought after and enjoyed because of tangible results.





empowering feedback conversation...

Hone in on the art of delivering and digesting feedback, and make anxiety-inducing performance reviews, peer evaluations, and challenging conversations more productive and effective for everyone involved.

Feedback is a necessary and impactful part of work and life. Collaboration skyrockets when we can listen to understand rather than listen in defense and fully share our observations with compassion and empathy.

Give your people the gift of embedding a growth mindset in your company’s culture. Get out of your own way, and make continuous improvement an integral part of your business.

teammate delivering feedback

Improve self-awareness.

Understand your triggers, how they feel in the moment, and hone the ability to set them aside to listen for gold in the conversation.

Understand dynamics.

How does the relationship and organization system affect the perception and impact of the type of feedback being delivered?

Make a difference.

The cycle of learning and growth begins and continues with each individual in the organization. Foster a culture of learning today.

Engaging experience to build a cohesive team.

The group interactive workshop experience takes facilitated engaging conversation to another level. Your people are prompted to bring knowledge to life through real-world examples, small group or partnered exercises, and live coaching around their personally challenging experiences at work and home. Give your people the gift of making feedback their friend and guide.

What you get.

Interactive Workshop Experience ~3hrs

Professional Coaching Follow Up (option)

Custom Programs

We know organizations are just as unique as the people who work for them. That’s why Humessence offers highly customized workshops, seminars, and group training programs. We’ll partner closely with your leadership team to develop personalized solutions that meet the needs of your particular organization or community

We know that effective corporate culture solutions start at the individual level. Fusing elements of mindful leadership training, individual coaching, and team growth and development, Humessence will create a tailored solution to optimize your workplace. Whether you’re looking to improve engagement, boost performance, or double down on workplace wellness, we’ll help your organization become a place where people thrive and do the best work of their lives.

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