Casie Tennin

Life-First Career Coach, Cross-Cultural Facilitator

"Empowering emerging leaders to move past fears and navigate challenges, to wake up to a career and life they are in love with every day."

I’m a Certified Coach that helps emerging leaders from around the world build deep confidence, effective communication skills, a clear vision for their path ahead, and excitement, passion and JOY for their professional and personal lives – that fuels them to achieve their biggest, boldest dreams.

In my past career, I was an English teacher and travel writer living in Spain and then Vietnam. I then packaged my love for empowering others, and moved to San Francisco where I led Community Events & Workshop Programming for MasterClass for nearly 5 years.

Having lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Latin American and the U.S, I have navigated cross-cultural relationship building both professionally and personally, and have picked up and rebuilt a thriving career and life four times.

I’m passionate about leveraging my global and community building experience to help individuals who work remotely find connectedness and fulfillment, and help globally-dispersed and cross-cultural teams to cultivate better empathy, communication, team connectedness and excitement for work – and life!

When I’m not coaching, you can find me traveling, salsa dancing, speaking Spanish, or cooking up a storm.

If you are ready to move past fears to develop a career and life you are head over heels in love with, let’s chat!

Education & Credentials:

Approaches & Expertise: Clarity, Mindset & Action Framework; Career Transitions; Career Development; Storytelling; Entrepreneurship; Cross-cultural Communication; Remote Work; Communication; Managing Up; Work-life Balance & Integration; Expat Life-building; Community Building; Goal Setting; Resume Development And Interview Preparation

My Ideal Clients: Driven professionals who want to reclaim their love and passion for their career and life.

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