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John Marshall

Leadership and Mind-Mastery Coach

"Helping leaders and aspiring professionals master their minds to master their careers, relationships, and health."

The Founder of Humessence, an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ICF-ACC), National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), Certified Life Coach (CLC), and Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach (CPHWC) with a highly developed business acumen. John’s ex-corporate career experience between four Fortune 100 companies enables him to combine transformational coaching practice with a global enterprise background that resonates with his clients. He’s also a yoga and meditation teacher with 5+ years of experience, which helps him and his clients create a safe and sacred coaching container. His diverse skill set and warm presence make up his unique mindful approach to coaching that guides his clients to Self-Mastery and helps form the foundation of Humessence’s core values. He aims to empower individuals to step into their life’s work and embrace the ups and downs of the journey. Starting with developing their self-awareness and self-knowledge, his clients walk away with a clear vision of who they want to become and why, with the motivation to get there. Book a free consultation and check out his podcast and free guided meditations today.

Education & Credentials:

Approaches & Expertise: Leadership Development; Life Balance Integration; The Enneagram of Personality Types; Discovering Your Purpose & Ideal Career; Career Development & Transitions; Personal Brand Building; Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Education; Developing Self-Awareness & Self-Knowledge; Mindfulness Meditation; Yoga Instruction

My Ideal Clients: Men and women who want more out of life and work, who are ready and willing to question what they’ve always known to discover what’s possible for themselves when they become the leader of their life. They’re ready to overcome the ego’s fears and elevate their consciousness.

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