John Marshall

Conscious Leadership & Executive Coach
"I help leaders and their teams, and organizations elevate their emotional intelligence and deliver results without compromising on their values or well-being."

I like to say I’m more of an executive’s life coach than an executive coach. My coaching approach is not just about setting goals and devising and executing organizational strategies. It goes deeper, targeting the root of my client’s challenges—core behaviors and beliefs—the elements that show up in multiple areas of their lives. By coaching the core, I help my senior and emerging leaders not just improve their businesses and careers but upgrade their lives in the process.

I help my leaders’ teams and organizations end burnout and create a communication culture through interactive keynotes and workshops. I’ve helped thousands of professionals find more meaning and balance in life by developing self-awareness and taking values-driven action.  With nearly a decade of prior global sales and business development experience, I can empathize with employees about an enterprise’s demands and give them a framework to navigate them mindfully without compromising their values.

Education & Credentials:

Approaches & Expertise: Executive Presence; Adaptive Leadership; Emotional Intelligence Development; Creating Work/Life Balance; Mindfulness and Self-Awareness; Self-Knowledge Through The Wisdom of The Enneagram; Purpose-Driven Career Transitions

My Ideal Clients: Current and rising organization leaders willing to examine themselves deeply, elevate their level of consciousness, and develop the courage to drive adaptive change.

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