Ultimate Guide to Inclusive Festive Fun: Crafting a Successful Hybrid Event in 2023

Organizing a holiday party for a hybrid team requires extra creativity and planning to ensure everyone feels included. Here are some easy steps to help you plan a successful end-of-year event, ensuring interactions feel as seamless as possible between all participants and everyone has a good time.

Steps to Help You Successfully Pull Off a Hybrid Event


Select a Suitable Date and Time. Make sure you work hard to find a time that works for as many as possible. Consider time zone differences for remote workers spread across various regions.


Define the Party Format. For the virtual component, use reliable video conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet to bring remote employees into the celebration. For those coming to a physical location, choose a venue that is convenient for the onsite staff and has the ability to set up a live stream for remote employees.


Send Invitations! Create and send out digital invitations that detail the time, platforms in use, links to virtual meeting spaces, and any necessary preparations. Communicate the agenda for the party, including any activities involving onsite and remote team members. This will get them excited and show that detailed thought and planning have gone into this event.


Plan interactive activities (See more ideas below). Organize games and activities that both remote and onsite employees can participate in simultaneously, such as trivia, virtual escape rooms, or home scavenger hunts. Consider platforms like Kahoot for interactive quizzes that everyone can join regardless of location.

Before, During & After the Hybrid Event

THE DAY BEFORE THE HYBRID EVENT Technical Check and Assistance – Make sure all technical aspects are tested in advance to avoid connectivity issues during the party. Encourage everyone who is remote to do the same. Assign a point person or have technical support available to assist with any virtual connection issues.

DAY OF THE HYBRID EVENT Capture the Moments and Their Attention – Have a way to record or take pictures of the event (screenshots, photos, etc.) so you can share them with the team later, creating a collective memory despite the physical distance. Have a moderator or MC to keep the event moving, connected, and communicative. A remote moderator can be a good way to ensure everyone will hear the same instructions and conversations.

DAYS AFTER THE HYBRID EVENT Feedback and Reflection – After the event, send out a feedback form to gather insights on what the team enjoyed and what could be improved. This step shows you value their experience and are always looking to make company events enjoyable for everyone.

So Many Cool Options for a Fully Virtual Event

One silver lining from the pandemic is the hundreds of creative companies that can help you facilitate virtual events and experiences. If you wanted to really level up the playing field, you could keep everyone remote! Fully interactive activities are available and can keep the energy up and ensure everyone feels connected during your holiday party. It will save your local staff money and time on transportation and babysitters.

Here are some ideas to engage and delight your fully or partially remote teams!

  1. Virtual Escape Rooms:
    These are guided puzzles that teams solve together within a set time frame. Many companies now offer virtual escape rooms with a variety of themes, and teams can work together via video conference to solve them. Check this out!
  2. Virtual Paint Party:
    Everyone is asked to draw or paint the same picture – you will get a variety of versions, and it will be a great way to show off their skills and vision. Check this out!
  3. Online Trivia or Quiz Games:
    Host a trivia session where everyone can participate. Use tools like Kahoot and QuizUp, or create your own trivia with tools like Google Forms. Ensure the trivia categories are inclusive and diverse to cater to all team members’ interests. Check this out!
  4. Virtual Scavenger Hunts:
    Great virtual game cards that unite both virtual and in-person teams are available. Check this out!
  5. Virtual Drag Queen Bingo:
    Say no more. This can be G-rated… or not! Check this out!
  6. Virtual Cooking Class:
    Prior to the party, send out a list of ingredients or materials for a simple craft or cooking project. At party time, have everyone build or cook together while chatting and listening to music. Check this out!
  7. Virtual Craft Classes:
    Giving your team an opportunity to create a keepsake will not only be fun but will leave a lasting, shared, tangible memory of the event. Check this out!

These activities frequently coincide with smaller breakout sessions for larger teams. Here, groups engage in various activities and subsequently come together to share their experiences with the entire team. The crucial aspect is to guarantee that the activities are accessible and enjoyable for everyone, irrespective of their physical location. Additionally, consider the team’s size, preferences, and the available technologies when choosing your activities.

Give Them What They Want

Be clear on what the goal of your holiday party is. Hopefully, it will show your staff how much you appreciate them and their hard work over the past year. So don’t be afraid to ask them what they would prefer to do. Including options that will give everyone what they need and desire will truly make your event for them. Start planning NOW because companies facilitating these virtual events can book up fast.

Happy Planning!