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Envisioning Success: Harnessing the Power of Visualization in Your Professional Journey #057

Welcome to The Present Professional. Where we delve into the intricacies of personal and professional growth to help you transform your life. John and Tony take us on a journey through the profound power of visualization—a tool that can shape your destiny and revolutionize your reality.


In this episode of The Present Professional, hosts John and Tony delve into the power of visualization as a tool for personal and professional development. They share their own experiences and processes for developing a vision for the future, emphasizing the importance of believing in one’s vision and behaving as if it’s already reality. They discuss practical strategies for creating and refining a vision, including the use of tools like Miro for organizing goals and visualizing progress. Throughout the discussion, they highlight the interconnectedness of learning, sharing, and growth in the journey toward realizing one’s aspirations.

Hosts Bio

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John Marshall

The Founder of Humessence, International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (ICF-PCC), National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), co-host of The Present Professional Podcast, and experienced Yoga and meditation teacher with a highly developed business acumen. John’s ex-corporate career of nearly a decade with ExxonMobil and brief experiences with three other Fortune 100 companies enable him to combine transformational coaching practice with his global enterprise background. He has 5+ years of experience teaching Yoga and meditation and continues to teach weekly, fueling his passion for and commitment to nurturing the mind-body connection.

Tony Holmes

Tony Holmes is a leadership development and diversity professional from Houston, TX. He has managed change and scaled impact across multiple sectors as a consultant, coach, and leader. At the United Way of Greater
Houston, he designs talent programming and leads the organization’s strategy to center equity across all operations and programs. Tony is an Intellectual Contributor and Guest Facilitator for Humessence in the space of Diversity and Inclusion, and a co-host of the Present Professional Podcast. 


In this episode, John and Tony explore the transformative potential of visualization in personal and professional growth. They advocate for believing in and embodying one’s vision as a pathway to manifestation. John shares his method of creating a living document in OneNote to articulate his legacy, personal, and professional visions. Tony emphasizes the importance of enhancing one’s power of belief before embarking on this journey. They discuss practical techniques like creating vision boards on platforms like Miro and embodying the mindset of a continuous learner. Their dialogue underscores the interconnectedness of self-awareness, mindfulness, and action in realizing one’s dreams.
They urge listeners to envision, share, and serve in a growth-focused community.

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