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Transformational Coaching for Today’s Professionals

Experience how to create an engaging impactful life full of joy and personal leadership: rewrite old stories, define your vision, and navigate the storms.


Coaching opens up space for new narratives and new choices

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If you’re feeling…

… you’re not alone

"Coaching makes your past malleable, the present moment available, and your desired future more attainable."

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A powerful focused supplement to modern therapy

Therapy has a profound place in healing past traumas that works side by side beautifully with coaching, and new research finds coaching to be on par with therapy in many ways: Learn More


“Of patients with depression symptoms experienced clinical recovery after at least one session with a certified coach and saw a 76 percent increase in their well-being overall”


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Gain A New Perspective

See the world through new eyes with coaching

You know you’re benefiting from coaching when:

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A lot of celebrities and prominent figures attribute success to having a coach in their corner…

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Choose Your Path

The HUM-B-LE Leader

An individualized approach to leadership coaching based on the framework of our HUMan Based LEadership Development Program. For the leader who’s prepared to understand themselves to connect with their people.

To lead effectively in today’s connected world, emotional intelligence, a robust support system, and mental/emotional agility are paramount. 

Partner with one of our certified coaches, and discover your unique approach to HUM-B-LE Leadership in your organization.

A Life Designed on Your Terms

No matter the stage of your life or career, take a step back for a moment and work with a certified coach to design the life you want.

Here’s the thing, why wait until you feel lost or something needs to change? When everything is in a “good place”, you’re more motivated and ready to grow.

Design a clear empowering vision of the life you want today, and align your actions with it. You’ll be empowered, motivated, and confident making decisions of all sizes in creating the life you want.

Relationships – Career – Family – Money – Education – Location – Adventure – Proactive Mental & Physical Health

Discover My IDEAL Career

The Career Self-Discovery Program is a proven one to three month process to discovering your ideal career path.

I’m not talking about the next role, a promotion, or jumping to another company. This is the path that feeds your soul. A journey you’re excited to wake up for every single day.

You’ll leave with a playbook for pursuing your life’s work. You’ll be equipped to determine if companies fit your strategy in the job search and interview process, and acquire the confidence to act on the short and long term steps to starting your own side or primary business.

Where do you want to dedicate your time and energy? Together we’ll work towards your IKIGAI—what you’re good at, what the world needs, what you love, and what you can be paid for.


Meet our Coaches & Facilitators

Certified coaches with a wide range of experiences eager to connect with you and help guide you on your journey. At Humessence, we know how important the relationship is to the success of the coaching engagement, so do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with any and all of our coaches!

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For Your Team, Group, Or Organization

Our unique and proprietary coaching methodology can be applied to groups and individuals alike! There’s something special about the accountability that comes from a group with shared purpose.

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